Saturday, June 17, 2017

242. What we got from that Maplelea lot.

The Winter 2016 catalogue (it's new to me). Kerin's on the front cover. 


So that box we showed in the previous post was humungus. 
To refresh your memory. 

We know it contained
Table and chairs (4!) but we had not yet admitted to
!!! Eeeeeee

So, box the first.....

Trans Canada Trekkers. These are denim slip on shoes. They come with journal pages in French English and a lined page. The journals accompany each doll when you buy one. The pages tell you about the doll and Canadian facts. There are also lined pages to promote the owners to keep their own journals. That's cool. 

Box the second. 
Cross Cross Sandals. 
An outfit called Highland Lass. 
This looks so amazing

It's promoted as Jenna's
I think Kerin will look awesome in this. 
Love the eyelet material on the puffed sleeve shirt. 
The socks are made of printed stretchy material. 
Awesome to be sure. 
Velveteen vest with gold stitched trim. 

Ghillies, the dancing shoes. 
Pleated wrap around skirt (kilt). 
Just in time for finding these on sale at the supermarket. 
But not for dollies under 15. 
Leonie: ooh er does that smell a bit fuuny to you Kerin?
Kerin: mm
Box: mmaaaaa

Kam Loops and The Empress. Aka two sheep and a goat. (Heeheeheehee). 

Hey Kerin!

Next box, ah some of the Maplelea outfits come with multiple pieces, for mixing and matching, 
This one's called Awesome Blossom. A short sleeve hoodie, a pink tank top, a skirt and a pair of shorts. 

The shirt velcroes at the back the skirt and shorts have elastic waists, the hoodie is zippered. 
The hood will go on Leonie's head if I put her hair down the back of the jacket. Her hairs just long enough that it pokes out the bottom. I don't want to try this on Kerin with the hood up anyway for fear of squishy her bountiful curls. 
I'm pretty sure when I made this order back in March or April I had planned to pair it with the Criss Cross sandals. 
Leonie: how'd you go Kerin?
Kerin: hmmm I got some of the sock back. Josefina will mind the goat for now. 
Leonie: (eep, Kerin, she doesn't look happy does she) hey um Kerin, there's still one more box if you'd like to open it?

Kerin: hmm, okay, but we really do need to have a talk about your love of animals. 

Box the ar, 1 2.. Sixth 
This is the Gaggle of Glee (happy geese). 
Kerin: there isn't, are there birds in here?
Kaffrum: no no that's just the name. 
Kerin: okay then. 
This is a larger mix and match set and includes a printed tank top, a short sleeved shirt in bright green, a long sleeved hoodie I think it's greyish blue with bright green lining in the hood, a bright green skirt with the grey blue stitching, a pair of black pants with green stitching, grey tights and 3 hair bands to match. Like it a lot. I think I intended the denim shoes from box 1 to go with this. 

Leonie: hey Kerin where you going? Aren't you going to try this on?
Kerin: you can, I'm going to go wash my shoes. I think I've trodden in something. 

Tank top and black pants, hopefully no colour transfer. Grey head band. 
Jacket tights and patterned head band. The pattern feels sticky or something. 
Not sure that the hood is meant to go up. The other thing I found with posing in these shoes Leonie had to lean forward to keep balance.  
The green shirt has a wide neckline. Velcroes at back. 
Plenty space to fit over the tank top. 
Add a skirt. 
Leonie: I better go check Kerin is okay. 

I didn't plan on trying the Maplelea outfits on my American Girls. They are a bit slimmer than the AGs. Maplelea clothes are made really well and I find the dolls very easy to dress, the way the hands are molded prevents fingers getting snagged. 
Maplelea is Canadian based so their prices are in Canadian dollars. The Australian dollar exchanges often close $1 for $1. Shipping is the only extra expense to be concerned with. I usually get my orders sent by surface which can take 2to3 months to arrive, but it's cheaper and is calculated on the online order form, which I find more convenient for budgeting. Orders I make with American Girl are done by phone, and an actual order has to be partially made for them to work the shipping out, then the exchange rate guessed as you go along as well. 

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