Sunday, April 9, 2017

235. Just in case you didn't know I like this doll.

A slight variance on the lyrics to the song Maria, from West Side Story....
The most beautiful sound I ever heard
All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word
I just met a girl named Nanea
And suddenly that name
Will never be the same to me
I just kissed a girl named Nanea
And suddenly I found
How wonderful a sound can be
Say it loud and there's music playing
Say it soft and it's almost like praying
I'll never stop saying
Nanea Nanea 
Say it loud and there's music playing
Say it soft and it's almost like praying
I'll never stop saying
The most beautiful sound I ever heard

234. The Case of the knobblier knees.

In a recent release American Girl wowed us with this cute as little outfit, Kit's Play Dress. 

Kitten Poteau was particularly pleased

But oh from this level it showed more than just knees!

Let's look into this matter. 
I had thought from the stock picture the dress fell just above knee, and the socks just below. From an angle looking down it's no problem but straight on there is a good inch clearance between the hem and where I hoped the dress fell. 
Maybe like this

Hmmm, what?

Oh, Kitten is taller in torsoe than Llewellyn       
  There you go mystery solved. I have a tall Kit. 

Kitten's body tag is smaller and has 2006 on it. Llewellyn has two but no year. Definitely different bodies. 

Welcome to the slightly stockier clan. Miriam (#30) on the left is my tallest doll. She has a body tag like Kitten's. Zara (#4) in the middle has no tag at all, if her undies are her original she is a 2000-2002 model, she has the widest cloth body of my girls. 

233. Clothes

As I came in late in the AG collecting scene I have a list of outfits that someday I'd like to have. Whilst a complete set would be awesome (especially if shoes are involved) I still appreciate the parts I find. 

Periwinkle dress (2000)

Coconut fun outfit (2008)

Petal pink dress (2010)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

232. The eyes have it

Just the smallest of black paint lines at the outer corners of her eyes creating the illusion that her eyelashes go to the edges of her eye. 

It does look a bit odd when she has her eyes shut. 
But it transforms this

Into this

I like it. 

So who's next?
Josefina might need eyebrow filler....

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

229. A Little Doll Catch Up.

And welcome back, from the unannounced break in transmission, you didn't miss much, and we're still working on the backlog, it'd probably just be easier to scrap that lot and start afresh. But we shall proceed anyway ......

May Lee from Our Generation came to stay. I had her on lay-by as I was not 100% after finding her in the shop. I decided to keep her after all. I have to say I was a little disappointed. I can't say I will never get another OG doll, but am leaning at the moment to most unlikely. 

The stock picture I had fallen for. I think I liked her hair colour, the pigtails and the fringe (bangs). And a maybe asian appearance. 

Apparently she fits most dolls. 

Her seated position and limited arm movement.

Her cloth body reminds me of pantyhose  and found that Velcro catches it a little

She has rooted hair, it is nice and soft. I imagine that the white lines on her painted scalp were a guideline not a law for the rooting process. 

Eye sockets a little too big or something her eyes look a little bugged out to me. 

And I was thinking AG tags were extreme. 

Mariana (once she was a Kaya) has a closed mouth smile. May Lee isn't a happy looking doll. 

She will stay for now. She will be my test doll for OG things I get, to see if they actually fit the dolls intended for.

Pretty as a Picture, OG outfit set, ooh and I still have those shoe laces from the OG It's Snow snuggly set, with those funny fabric boots

I really like the laces. 

For the meanwhile Maylee sits on the shelf I put in under Maddie's flat. The shelf was to try and free up some space on the lounge. I haven't seen the benefits yet. 

Out of the box Pretty as a Picture is a chambray blue elastic waisted skirt with butterfly pattern, a ribbed very light weight tank top (lighter than a baby singlet), a very pretty pink zip up jacket with eyelet material on the front panels, a bauble necklace with ribbon fastener, a pair of coral slip on shoes a yellow flower hairpin and a light blue faux leather shoulder bag. 

Don't care much for the necklace or shoes, but fits AG ok. 
Some American Girl outfits. 
I found Gwen's dress on eBay, it had a stain, but it washed out. 
One of the most beautiful AG dresses ever

I love how long it is. 
And the eyelet material, the tiers, and the bodice , the lace hem, and the embroidery. 
And one more....

Stain gone. 

I think this is a dress from Lanie's collection. 

And the dress from the Everyday Play outfit. 

Oh, looks like OG strikes again

Not sure if the yellow tights are attractive but the outfit is cute, and the boots ok too. Prefer the OG shoes that have a harder sole. 

And for the little dolls...

Lori stuff

Hehehe I can see you
And new shoes

Decided to wear socks under these boots, just in case. 

Back in the mists of 2016 i decided to try my hand at a little doll face painting, see Post 192, where Llewellyn was trying out some lipstick. 
Well, it didn't last long. It was way too dark. 
And we won't even talk about the eye lining wings we tried, let's just say it was disastrous, a reminder to be more careful forever stained on her cloth body. 

So a few months later we thought to try again, just lips and cheeks. 
Lips were easy enough, it was the cheeks that had me cautious. So to the ever helpful youtube. 

How to refresh cheek paint tutorial by Craft'sadores American Girl doll channel on YouTube 

And we have....

I really like how it turned out. I didn't have the medium as suggestd in the video I just used paints. The eyes I might try again some day. If you're wondering what I mean about wings check out Arista over at Mini Mad. 

Anymore doll updates?
Found this one lunchtime on my visit to Kmart#2

Ooh, and Price only $20aud. Whilst I have been known to build my own beds out of mdf and pine, I don't mind a store bought bed that fits, and doesn't rock or give you splinters, then there's the nailing and the thumb banging. 

We got one to try out. What do you think Storri?

The mattress is a little thin for my liking so will do something about that, and if the girls don't need to flap their arms about whilst sleeping, I think it a real nice size. 
I was considering whether I could buy another to bunk bed them. The bed knobs come off so it would be easy to just put a dowel in

The clearance is not great though especially if I am putting extra padding on the mattress. 

Something to think about anyway. 

I think that's everything. There's some Lego related stuff. I'll hopefully post about that sooner than next month. Ooh and some Beauty and the Beast stuff.