Sunday, October 22, 2017

255. Introducing

Finally picked her name.... 
Euleilah Alicea Shorewood. 
Euleilah is an Aboriginal word for butterfly,
Alicea, to commemorate Nanea's real first name Alice, and
Shorewood is a location near Middleton Wisconsin, because I try to name my dolls after somewhere near where they were mailed to me from. 
The ocean picture I had in the background is of Maui 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dolls of Color month day 30

Favorite iger or you tuber.
from Myfroggystuff on youtube

Dolls of Color month day 29

Freestyle. The 19th had been swashbuckled by International talk like a pirate  day, it was meant to be pets, so they ran over here instead.

Pepe the skunk, Empress the goat, Doe the deer, the snow leopard cub Henry, Kam and Loops the sheep, Tuxedo the kitten, Trixta the Fox, Coconut the westie puppy, Benny the benji dog, and Pudding the Chocolate Himalayan kitten. Sombrita, Josefinas got is around somewhere too, probably eating the flowers on the kitchen table.

Dolls of Color month day 28

Create a Doll of Color character. Mariana is certainly not my creation, she appears in Josefina's Birthday story, and it was my intention to have her as Josefina's best friend, in doll form, like AG had done for some of the other historicals. Mariana was going to stay in time costume, same as I do with Josefina, but well, it hasn't happened, she's kind of become my best doll, and gets to wear what ever she likes.

can I have some leggings please, this is a bit short

hi, shorts are short but they are a bit more modest that a really short dress

Mariana likes dolls, cats, going on adventures, would like to become a primary school teacher.

254. A bicycle ride.

Mariana, Mini Cecile and Tuxedo.

Artworks on the way




Yep its a giant lounge chair

poor Tuxedo, couldn't get his claws into the furniture

ooh do we dare?


not today

now that's a scratching post

looking forward to looking back

a gathering of paperbark trees

and amazingly the only accident we had all day


Tuxedo come back!!!

Looking forward to Xmas, all year round

there was even a Halloween tree, oh whats that in the reflection

the Santamobile