Sunday, August 13, 2017

247. SOS Saving Outfit Shoes.

A few weeks ago
Unfortunately despite my verbal request 62.1 arrived with permanent underwear. She is gorgeous but not what I had asked for. It was feeling a bit like Jess mold 54 all over again (the AG website on my mobile at the time showed her with an Ivy mold, but the AG staff couldn't see that, and couldn't do anything about it, long story short Whynta stayed and 12 months later Cadence 54 Ivy mold came via eBay). 
I posted on instagram and a reader suggested calling AG anyway...
And most likely due to the uproar over the permanent underwear...
Two weeks later, with packing slip instructions
I've yet to officially name her. 

So why the title?
This is the new current Truly Me Doll Meet outfit. 

Some which came before...
Left to right: 2002 Go anywhere outfit; 2012 True spirit outfit; 2017 truly me outfit; 2010 real me outfit; 2015 Lilac Dress; 2004 Ready for Fun outfit. 
The most impressive being, in my opinion, the 2004 Ready for Fun Outfit (the year being when each replaced its predecessor). It included sneakers with stripey socks, jeans with beautiful embroidery, a white tshirt with floral emblem on front and a gorgeous hooded jacket. 
This years outfit is a close second when the accessories set is added. 
A jumper (sweater), tights, headband, purse, mobile phone with cover and changeable screens, some money a library card and AG gift card, all doll sized. 

And all was well until someone mentioned, "What's that smell?"
"Oh I'm so embarrassed," 62.2 cried. "It's my foot odour!" 
"Well no wonder," Trinity exclaimed. "Full plastic shoes drowning in glitter!" Poor 62.2 s feet were sweating. 

Trinity: I know, I'll ring Tzeitel. She's an expert in shoes. Did you know she's related to Rebecca Rubin, and shoes run in her family. 

Here she comes with her magic shoe box. 
62.2: how is it magic?
Tzeitel: it's a lot bigger on the inside than it appears. 

ASOSOS, a selection of suitable outfit savers. 

The glittery pair at the top of the screen are they of the outfit in discussion. They do make similar style shoes with canvas uppers, They being doll shoe makers. I have two pairs in white belonging to Bridget and Bryndl (Grace twins). I'm not a fan of huge glumps of glitter, either,  but maybe it would have been ok on canvas uppers?

ASOASOSOS, A sampling of a selection of suitable outfit savers....
White canvas Mary Janes
Roller skates

Formal zip up boots 

And ugg boots. 
Phew, outfit saved. 

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